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Shaik Borhan Uddin

Shaik Borhan Uddin

Birthday: 5 November

Star sign: Scorpio
Skills: Music directing and composing, singing
Languages: English, Bengali
Current Location: Bangladesh
Phone: 0330 330 9473


Shaik Borhan Uddin, known as Shan Shaik  is a Bangladeshi singer, composer and music director. His songs has been featured in different international platforms, albums and movies. He also won Best Male Singer at the CJFB Award for the song “Konnare” in 2019 and the album named ‘’Shadakal” which was composed and music directed by Shan Shaik and sung by Fahmida Nabi.

Shan Shaik was born in an aristocrat family with enormous musical atmosphere in old Dhaka. That’s why, from the very beginning of his childhood, he loved music. Shan Shaik learned his first musical lesson from his father Guriji Md Salah Uddin and that was the starting only.

Shan Shaik loves to sing,  tuning and composing. He always dreams to make better music and sing remarkable songs to prove his musical talent. He is a self-confident artist. Shan Shaik was a student at Sheikh Burhanuddin Post Graduate College.

Shan Shaik learned to play many instruments such as guitar, keyboard, drums, flute, harmonica . and started his career in 2000 with his first band album “Shongodosh” . He worked in the mixed albums  “Ashol Krishna”, “Bondhua” , “Kolir krishno” with Pantho Kanai and Si Tutul . His first Solo album was “Musafir Prem” in 2007, composed by himself and Shihub Ripon. A second solo album was “Shish Vega” in 2011 composed by himself, Kheya and Anupoma Mukti was his co-artist . After that, he has released 10 new albums and 300 single tracks of various artist with his composition and music .

In 2019, Shan Shaik created a new band called “TriTaal” who released a song called “Shadakalo”.


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