Relaks Media | Bangla Nation TV
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Bangla Nation TV

Bangla Nation TV (Online)

Languages: Bangla, English, Hindi
Current Location: London
Phone: 07736731634

Founders: Ali Akbor, Rubel Ali Chowdhury, Ibrahim Ali, Rony Chowdhury, Shamin Ahmed, Foysol Ahmed.

Our experience in this field of media (manly social media) is a total of 5 years. We only became main stream in the last 1 year and have gained valuable insight into the world of media. We Aim to bring media and TV in to the future. The future of TV and entertainment has arrived, we aim to broadcast from all around the globe, watch us anytime and any place you are. We have big plans and hope to be online and have our license by the end of the year. We started with a total of 6 members who are all the founders and now have a total of 15 members and still growing. We have broadcasted live from many prestigious venues and events. We have interviewed and worked with many celebrities, government officials, and upcoming stars of the future. We will continue to support the community, show our heritage and culture. All this can only be achieved with your support.

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