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Ershad Alamgir

Name: Ershad Alamgir

Star sign:
Favorite color:
Musical Instruments Played:
Current Location: London
Phone: 07952

Ershad Alamgir – who was born in Bangladesh but left the country at a young age – trained in Indian classical music from childhood. With a repertoire ranging from Indian classical music to western pop, rock, jazz and blues, he has performed regularly on stage, radio and television initially in Bangladesh but for the past 16 years in Britain, following his move to the United Kingdom. Even with these impressive music credentials to his name, however, Ershad opted for a more traditional career and, after achieving a law degree and two masters’ degrees in commercial corporate and human rights law respectively, he became a lawyer before eventually moving into the hospitality sector. His heart just wasn’t in it, though. In an attempt to remain connected to the world he loved, Ershad filled his spare time with a number of music-related activities including performing with his band, organising music festivals with different local councils and working part-time as a TV presenter and producer at Channel S – a television channel for the British Bangladeshi community – but this left him tired and feeling even more unfulfilled in his day job. Ershad Alamgir has performed as a singer and guitarist for many years in both Bangladesh and Britain. It wasn’t until the summer of 2017 however, while working in the management of the global high-end Hilton hotel chain, that Ershad received a piece of advice from the franchise’s Managing Director that would prove to be the turning point in making that all important move towards the career in the music industry he had always desired. Now he is studying for a Degree in Music Technology, Music Production and Sound Design at Kingston University with a plan to pursue a PhD in Music Technology. Not one to give himself an easy life, alongside his degree studies and performing career, Ershad is also undertaking a diploma in neuro linguistic programming and life coaching. He is a prolific songwriter, a guitarist and a great enthusiast and connoisseur of anything related to guitar and guitar playing and a solo performer of Indian semi classical and contemporary western music i.e Ghazals, Kawali, Nazrul Geeti , Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Pop etc.

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