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Jyotika Chowdhury

Jyotika Chowdhury

Birthday: 14th November
Star sign: Scorpio
Qualification: SSC, HSC and M.A in English

Skills: singing, writing
Languages: English, Bengali
Current Location: Bangladesh
Phone: 0330 330 947


Jyotika Chowdhury was born in Cumilla, Bangladesh. She is the second child among her siblings. When she was young, her dream was to become a doctor. She was a very talented student during her childhood. She also always has had a strong interest in singing.

Jyotika was involved in many co-curricular  activities and she was also a class topper. She had first division on both SSC and HSC. After that, she started medical studies. But her father didn’t like the profession of a Doctor.

Consecutively, with a broken heart, she went to India to become a singer.  Jyotika learned singing with a high talented teacher. Jyotika then started to do stage shows where she practiced singing for a long period of time. After that, she went to Bangladesh with the purpose of marriage. So she got married in 2005. But she didn’t lose hope. She started preparing for medical exams again. However, her son was born during the medical exams.

After a long period of time, she did M.A in English and received first class. Then she started travelling to many countries and later it became her hobby. After that, Jyotika started finding herself in writing poems. She published two books “Toposhyar Alo” and ” Kinchit Anurag”. Currently, She is still writing poems and some of them will be published very soon. Now she is a Radio Broadcaster for Relaks Radio TV and her dream is to become a skilful radio presenter.

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