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Shadhin Khosru

Shadhin Khosru

Skills: acting
Languages: English, Bengali
Current Location: Bangladesh
Phone: 0330 330 9473

Shadhin Khasru studied drama and was trained as an Actor in London. He become a full Equity member in 1992(British Actors Equity ¬†Association). Worked with various theaters in UK, such as Neti-Neti, Halfmoon, Angel, Snap, M6, Chol and so on. Performed all over Uk and toured in Europe. He featured in two full length film “Brother’s in Trouble” by Udayan Prasad, “Beginners Luck” by Nick Cohen.

Went to Bangladesh in 2004 and started working with famous writer, director Humayun Ahmed. Produced a film “Chandrakotha” was written and directed by Humayun Ahmed. Also featured 3 other full length film by Humayun Ahmed. One of them titled “Shaymol Chaya” was screened for the very first time as a Bangladeshi movie in UK on C4. “Ure jay bok pokkhi” “Tara Tinjon” sequel become very popular in Bangladesh and all over the planet, whereever the bengai’s are.

All together worked more then 20 full length feature film in Bangladesh and more then hundreds one hour tv drama, telefilm and drama series. There are 3 movie is about to release “Amra ekta cinema banabo”, “De Daur” and “Rong Dong”. At present working on 3 new movie “Run Away” in Berlin and Dhaka, “Asor” in Iceland, “570” in Dhaka. Currently he is living in London.

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