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Suzana Ansar

Suzana Ansar

Birthday: 14 February
Star sign: Aquarius
Favorite color:
Musical Instruments Played: Harmonium
Skills: Singer
Languages: Bengali, Hindi, English
Current Location: London

Suzana Ansar was born and bought up in United Kingdom. Her father, Mohamed Ansar Uddin, is a chartered accountant and her mother, Syeda S Karim Jenny, is a community activist. She first started practicing music with her brother and his friend’s band “Khansar”. The band is founded by Syed Shahdin Anser (Suzana Ansar’s brother) and Imran Khan. Khansar is the mixture of both of their surnames “Khan” and “Ansar”. Other member of the band is Yamin Chowdhury Shagor.

Suzana Ansar’s debut album is “Suzana Ansar with Khansar”, featuring her band Khanser in 2009. The album is a fusion with music of a western feel, using melodies from Bengali folk, classic and modern songs. The albums song recordings were done in a makeshift studio and vocal chamber in the bedroom and living room for almost three years (2005-2008). In mid 2008 the band shifted to a professional studio in London. They also has a studio in Dhaka. Suzana Ansar’s second album is “Mehvasha”. In that album, she sang in four languages, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Persian.

Apart from singing, she is also a TV show host and an actress. Suzana Ansar hosted shows like, “Phoney Phoney Gaan” NTV (UK), “Poboner Boitha” and “Series Rupban” for Bangla TV UK, “Suzana & Kids” and “Sur Jalsa” for Channel S (UK), “Amaro Gaitey Ichcha Holo” and “Music Jam” for NTV (Bangladesh), and “Ta Na Na” and Tommy Miah’s Recipe for Ekushay TV. She also acted in many TV Drams. Suzana Ansar’s notable TV dramas are “50/50” and “Graduate”.

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